Embodying the Internal Family, also known as Somatic IFS, is a branch of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model. IFS is a psychotherapeutic model that normalizes multiplicity of the mind and views each person as having a Self that the therapist helps to uncover so that it can fully lead the system of parts, or subpersonalities.

IFS holds that all parts, regardless of how they currently manifest, hold positive intent and can be helped to contribute their wisdom and gifts to the person’s system. Somatic IFS explores the embodiment of the internal family with the goal of restoring the client’s Self to leadership and allowing parts that express through the body to come into relationship and alignment with the client’s Self.

SusanMcConnell2Susan McConnell, senior trainer for the Center for Self Leadership, has taught IFS in the U.S. and internationally since 1997. She has developed Embodying the Internal Family out of her passion for integrating the body and nonverbal processes with psychotherapy. Somatic IFS is a synthesis of Susan’s forty years of study, teaching, and clinical practice with bodywork, psychotherapy, and spiritual practices.


Check out Susan’s chapter on Somatic IFS in a new book published by Kingsley:

“The Family Within: An IFS Journey” in Inner Dialogue in Daily Life:
Contemporary Approaches to Personal and Professional Development in Psychotherapy,
 edited by Charles Eigen. London & Philadelphia: Kingsley, 2014

Check out Susan’s chapter on Somatic IFS
in a book published by Routledge in 2013: 

Internal Family Systems Therapy: New Dimensions,
edited by Martha Sweezy and Ellen L. Ziskind

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